NoPuttPutt at Electrika 2024

NoPuttPutt at Electrika 2024

Discover NoPuttPutt, an all-in-one, pure electric propulsion system specifically designed for narrowboats. Engineered for optimal efficiency and simplicity, each component ensures exceptional performance delivering an impressive range.

NoPuttPutt is readily available to boat builders, narrowboat hire companies, or individual boat owners. Our comprehensive service includes installation.

High-performance solar panels capture solar power which is then stored in a high-capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery. This powers a remarkably efficient brushless motor. The system’s status can be effortlessly monitored through the user-friendly NPP app on your mobile phone.

Beyond propulsion, NoPuttPutt also supplies power for domestic appliances, offering 12V and 230V AC to suit specific needs. Most notably, the system operates efficiently on solar power throughout the year, eliminating the need for an expensive and polluting diesel generator. For year-round liveaboard, including winter cruising, the battery can be conveniently charged via mains shore hook-up.

Established in Bristol in 2016 by Hugo Palmer and Mark Palmer, Revolutionworks Ltd pioneers electric drivetrain engineering for a more sustainable future.

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Experience the future of narrowboat propulsion with NoPuttPutt at Electrika 2024!

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